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Swimming pool in Leuven and nearby

A few Swimming pool near Leuven

Sportoase Philipssite (piscine subtropicale Leuven)

Sportoase Philipssite (piscine subtropicale Leuven) - 3000 Leuven

Discover what Sportoase Philipssite can offer you! A big sportive and recreative center for small an big, young and old... in short, for everybody! Swimming pool: Attention, closed from 1/9/12

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Swimming pool Celestijntje

Swimming pool Celestijntje - 3000 Leuven

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Swimming pool Wilsele

Swimming pool Wilsele - 3000 Leuven

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Piscine de Kessel-Lo

Piscine de Kessel-Lo - 3010 Kessel-Lo

La piscine de Kessel-Lo est couverte. Elle vous offre un accueil et un service d’excellente qualité. L'ambiance y est familiale et chaleureuse. Des cours de natation pour enfants e

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Heverlee - 3001 Heverlee

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