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Skatepark in Walem and nearby

A few Skatepark near Walem

Huizingen Domain - Huizingen 3

Huizingen Domain
1654 Beersel

Family park situated in the countryside in the town of Huizingen. An oasis of peace and calm during the week ... the weekend, it can sometimes be crowded, almost  unbearable during summer. Ver

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Little Steam train of Brussels - Journée circulation inversée

Little Steam train of Brussels
1190 Forest

Small steam locomotives, 40cm high, will drive you on a beautiful circuit of nearly 1000m across lawns, bushes and undergrowth. Each loco is a perfect miniature replica of a model that existed

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Ikea -

1070 Anderlecht

The famous swedish store did not forget children. It offers your a  special space for children : everything for a child room, funny objects, toys and boxes to put them in. Children can try

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