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The Little Explorer ( in French and in Dutch) is a private initiative with a focus on people. It aims to encourage child development by offering parents fun family activities in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Germany. Pragma Consult sprl, , located at 19, avenue des Volontaires B-1160 Brussel, Belgium, is the owner of The Little Explorer (and the French and Dutch equivalent).



The graphical form of this website as well as its content shall remain the exclusive property of Pragma Consult sprl. It is therefore strictly prohibited to copy, duplicate or save any information deriving from this website. Any content deriving from other sources where the owner is mentioned shall remain the entire property of its creator (for example, photos and quotations). Any complaints can be lodged directly with Pragma Consult sprl (info @ that shall remove the material in question within eight hours.

Any organisation shown as an activity has the right to have changes made to its information, for example, contact details, opening days, prices, etc. or can request removal from the listings, simply by sending an email to [info @].

The content deriving from Panoramio is governed by the rights of ( ; Pragma Consult sprl shall not be held responsible for its content.
In the case of abuse, fraud or any attempt to damage the system constituting (application, service, databases, etc.), Pragma Consult sprl shall expressly reserve the right to exclude access to his website and/or present the case before the relevant authorities and/or initiate proceedings before the courts in Brussels.


Messages and taking part

Any message, whether positive or negative, shall be accepted provided it is constructive and of direct relevance to the facilities of the establishment. Pragma Consult sprl shall nevertheless reserve the right to monitor and remove, reduce or invalidate the content of the messages left by the public insofar as he judges this content to be unnecessary, inappropriate, defamatory, needlessly damaging to the establishment, political or racist, commercial, abusive, illegal, encouraging sex or paedophilia, or of no interest as regards the content of the website, without any prior notification to the author required.

Anyone contributing to the content of the website (Web 2.0 type, referred to as “Participative”) shall ensure that they own the rights of the content supplied (both image and text). If it turns out that the content does not belong to the person submitting it, we shall reserve the right, based on the IP address, to report any complaint to the participant supplying such content. We shall therefore withdraw, within 8 hours, any material which is the subject of a complaint.

When posting a comment, it shall not be obligatory for the sender to mention his or her email address, however the IP address of the comment writer / participant shall be saved with the message for an unspecified length of time.

Any error in printing, spelling or typography may be modified by Pragma Consult sprl for content quality purposes.



Pragma Consult sprl shall have no obligation to ensure that the website is always online.
This website has no official or legal status as regards the organisations presented . Pragma Consult sprl can in no case be held liable for inadequacy of the information presented and for actual circumstances in terms of opening days and hours, age ranges, prices, accessibility, availability of eating establishments, or general information. Internet users are strongly advised to always contact the organisation directly to check on the opening hours, prices and access without reservation. Pragma Consult sprl shall not reimburse or contribute to any expenses whatsoever.

The location of establishments is provided using Google Maps technology and the expertise of Pragma Consult sprl. Pragma Consult sprl shall not be held liable for the availability and accuracy of these services. The distance calculated between your commune and the activity is ‘as the crow flies’ and may not reflect the distance actually covered.



Article 4 § 1 of the Law on Privacy dated 8 December 1992 shall apply to the personal information of the participants and notably those subscribing to the Newsletter. This information shall be recorded in an address file which may be used internally or for commercial purposes (N° Declaration VT005039613). Participants shall have the right to access, correct and object to this information at any time. Information on the age and location of the Internet user may be saved during the process of subscribing to the newsletter, for statistical purposes or as part of efforts to improve its services and its offer of services. This information shall also be stored in the form of cookies in order to suggest similar activities to the user on the next visit.


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By visiting the Internet site or posting messages, the participant accepts these regulations in their entirety and without condition. Pragma Consult sprl shall reserve the right to amend these terms of use without the need to advise Internet users. The courts of Brussels shall be the only competent body in the event of a dispute. Completed in Brussels. September 2009.