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Birthday kids in Leuven and nearby

You want to celebrate your son/daughter's birthday but do not want 15 kids in your living-room? You are looking or ideas? Find the lastest activities where it is possible to organise a birthday near from Leuven. Near from where you live and from Leuven, you will ind the most various places, from the swimming pool to the museum, but where you can organise your birthday party...
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A few Birthday kids near Leuven

Au Château Magique - indoor playground - Au Chateau Magique

Au Château Magique - indoor playground - 1300 Limal

Big covered playground, very modern. Fare: 10€ for kids from 2 to 12, free for kids from 0 to 1 Big parking lot, snacks and free wifi for parents! Fare: Tarifs:    

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Aqualibi (swimming parc) - 1300 Wavre

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Planckendael - zebres

Planckendael - 2800 Mechelen

Animals coming from 5 continents + playground+ climbing the trees! Price: from 17 to 21€ Opening: January-Februarr | November Décembre :10.00 – 16.45 March - April | O

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Flying Kids, indoor playground - Plaine de jeux couverte

Flying Kids, indoor playground - Wavre

The playground is closed till August 31rst! (renovation) We reopen on September the first! (2012) "FLYING KIDS, big indoor playground of 1400m².  Paradise for children from 12mon

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Club Neptune - Paintball enfants Chaumont-Gistoux -

Club Neptune - Paintball enfants Chaumont-Gistoux - 1325 Corroy-le-grand

Paintball & Airsoft "longue durée" pour enfants & ados entre 6 et 15 ans. Adultes pas acceptés. Tout sur notre site internet : Nous

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Walibi - Walibi attractions

Walibi - 1300 Wavre

With family or friends, you jump over the 7 stars of Walibi, the most famous attractions of the park:Calamity Mine Train, the adventurous slides in FLASHBACK rivers   and Radja River or w

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Planet Kids -

Planet Kids - 1933 Zaventem

Plaine de jeux intérieure et extérieure avec petite restauration. fêtes d’anniversaire, de famille, de société, boums, location de salles Mercredi 12h00 - 1

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Badaboum - Co - plaine de jeux couverte

Badaboum - Co - 1300 Limal

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Museum - l'Eau et Fontaine - 	Musée de l'Eau et de la Fontaine

Museum - l'Eau et Fontaine - Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

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Aventure Park -

Aventure Park - 1300 Limal

Conquer the great trees (acrobatic park). The park allows families to have fun in a friendly and sportsmanship. Everyone moves at their own pace and experiencing self-transcendence in a fun and

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De Kloek - binenspeeltuin

De Kloek - 2280 Grobbendonk

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Ludiq'art - toys shop

Ludiq'art - toys shop - 1340 Ottignies

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La Ferme de la Hulotte - La Ferme de la Hulotte

La Ferme de la Hulotte - 1300 Wavre

La Ferme de la Hulotte est un lieu où l’enfant est plongé au cœur de la nature. Les animaux de la ferme, de la forêt, la verdure, le potager, tout cela aidera l&rsqu

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Genval Yacht Club - Genval yacht club

Genval Yacht Club - 3090 Overijse

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Swimming pool Jodoigne

Swimming pool Jodoigne - 1370 Jodoigne

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Subtropical swimming pool - Waterperels

Subtropical swimming pool - Waterperels - 2500 Koningshooikt

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Trip to dos d'âne (Animabelge) -

Trip to dos d'âne (Animabelge) - 1450 Chastre

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La Ferme du Nil - La Ferme du Nil

La Ferme du Nil - 1457 Nil-Saint-Vincent-Saint-Martin

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Columban - Espace de Cultures - logo

Columban - Espace de Cultures - 1300 Wavre

Lieu de culture et de spectacles, l'Espace de Cultures Columban propose une large programmation jeune public.  Un dimanche par mois,  l’Espace de Cultures Columban accu

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Grimpez dans les arbres - Accrobranche

Grimpez dans les arbres - 1495 Marbais

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