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The travel pharmacy kit for kiddies: a few tips.

Published on 27/05/2013 Posted by M. V. H.

Must-haves when you’ve got kids at home are staples such as sticky plasters, disinfectant that does not sting and arnica for those bumps, scratches and bruises. Cavorting around, exploring the world and just having a whale of a time sometimes comes with minor inconsequential grazes, but it’s worth making sure you’re prepared. More often than not, the best remedy in such cases is to kiss it better!

Before leaving on your holidays, check to make sure your medicines are not out of date and replenish your supply if required. Make sure you pack that most indispensable of items known as sunscreen cream with the maximum sun protection factor to avoid sunburn, alongside something against travel sickness if your children are sensitive (as well as an empty plastic bag to keep dad’s seats clean), Aspi-venin which works a treat against stings from wasps and other wicked insects and obviously the basics any travel pharmacy kit should include: something against headaches, stomach aches, diarrhoea, disinfectant, dressing pads, gauze and bandages, disinfectant wipes, etc. and the local emergency telephone number of the place you’re staying at, plus the number of your insurance company in case things are serious.

A tip for parents of newborn babies : make life easy on yourself! These days there are plenty of online pharmacy websites. Making it extremely handy to order your powdered milk or nursing pads, a new dummy, baby bottom cream, wipes, balm that sooths teething pain, etc. You no longer need to get out of the house and it saves you a lot of time.

Top tip: always make sure you carry a mini first aid kit in the glove box of your car to get you by on family outings. Could come in handy.


This way you are fully prepared and ready to set off on your trip with peace of mind. Have fun!

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