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The papyrus

Published on 19/06/2008 Posted by Ghiles Olivia

The history of Egypt and the book, botanics, environment and even aquariophily are approachable thanks to this single plant. This is how. Start with an experiment : make some papyrus with your child. The following site explains how to do it : and this French site has pretty good pictures of the experiment: Based on this experience you can talk about manuscript rolls an Egyptian hieroglyphs. It will automatically lead you to the history of this great civilization. In order to make papyrus, you can also take simple paper strips to make modern papyrus. This process is cheaper and easier, but leads to the same discussions subjects. Let your child write a message in hieroglyphs on your papyrus; your children will love it and they will lose themselves in ancient times. Because this plant is also used in cooking and making clothes, ropes and ships, it gives the children a perfect opportunity to discover different historical themes, techniques and cultures. Here is a website that can learn you a few hint about uses of papyrus: Most of the indoors plants grow in more or less humid earth, but papyrus is an aquatic plant so it can give an exotic touch to your house. Even if it's easy to maintain, the particular needs of this plant can raise some discussions subjects about the environment or the place where the plant grows. Let your papyrus grow in an aquarium with fishes! He loves water, but be careful not to put it with herbivorous fish like the traditional goldfish.


becquet - 14/12/2008 10:36:44 je m‘appel sandra et je chercher comment traduire des hyérogliphe en fraçais mercie de votre réponce
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