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Sledding days

Published on 27/11/2013 Posted by Aljosha Politi

At the first sight of snowflakes, our instinct is often to snuggle up at home and sit the kids in front of the TV.

What a pity, though, as children love sledding! And many parents too!

Here’s an activity that can be done for next to nothing. All you need, really, is a few centimetres of snow and a park with a slope of some description. And a sled?… As a matter of fact, not even! One of those small plastic shovels, or even a plastic bag, will do the trick just as well.

Few people realise that sledding is a sport requiring a real physical effort and, as such, an excellent way to release excess energy. Your children, for once, will be begging to be taken to bed come nightfall.

Bear in mind, though, that sledding can also be quite dangerous. Don’t forget to fit them with a helmet and sturdy boots and gloves.

So where should you go?  Most parks, gardens, forests or fields have suitable spots. Choose one, and down you go!


Thys Christophe - 10/02/2013 Bonjour.Pourriez vous m’envoyer les heures d’ouvertures et les prix de location de ski et remonte pente pour trois enfants de moins de 12 ans.Merci.
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