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Run before it's too late

Published on 9/06/2008 Posted by Ghiles Olivia
Sport enfant

You don't have to turn you kid into an Olympic athlete to sport. He only needs to move regularly and you to respect his abilities. There's also no need for extreme sports or sports in which he shows no interest. Thirty minutes walking on a high tempo can be enough to get him out of breath. Swimming, bike, tennis, football, hiking ? Pick your choice. It's during childhood that it's good to make a habit of sporting. Subscribe him to a course and encourage him to move. If there's need to you even can negotiate computer time to have them practice. For example: thirty minutes of bike equals thirty minutes on the computer. But nothing is better than to lead the way. If parents stay home, the kids probably won?t move. On the other hand, if parents often practice a sport than the child wants to copy them. So why won?t you go with your child? It will be some quality time. Don't be too severe about his, or your performances. Just try to improve and to hold on. Talk with your child about your struggles in sport. It will relieve him to know he's not the only one find it hard. Forget competition and let it be a pleasure to move. Give the enthusiasm to your children.

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