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Published on 9/04/2009 Posted by Ghiles Olivia

It is not so difficult; here are the materials you need: Votre navigateur ne gère peut-être pas l'affichage de cette image.

- A big rubber balloon
- A piece of rope
- News paper that is cut in strips
- White glue, or a mixture of water and flour
- A knife
- Small gifts or candy (careful, the piñata has to be light enough in order to avoid that the weight of the contents breaks it)
- Paint
- All kinds of decoration of your own choice

The first stage consists in making the shape:
Inflate the balloon. Attach it a rope and suspend it. Stick the paper strips on the outside of the balloon and let it dry. You will have to put on several layers so that the piñata is strong enough to contain the gifts. Take in account that it may take several days before the piñata is completely dried. It is thus preferable to prepare the piñata at least two weeks before the party.

Now the second stage, fill the shape:

When you are certain the shape is completely dry, carefully cut an opening with the knife and put the little gifts and candy inside. Put back the piece you cut out and fix it with paper strips and glue and let it dry again.

The 3rd stage is the most fun to do:

Free your imagination and transform the shape into a fish, or a planet, or any other funny shape.

And here we are! Your home made piñata is ready! Now that was not all that difficult was it? The only thing that is left to do is to suspend it to the branch of a tree an once the moment is there to make the children hit the piñata alternately with a stick until it breaks

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