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One, two, three,? a lot of apples.

Published on 13/10/2008 Posted by Ghilles Olivia
Pomme et verger

What can you do in a orchard except picking apples? Well you can eat them! But what else? When you arrive in the orchard, start with a rally: the one who know the most fruits and is able to show them wins. Orchards are real labyrinths of hiding places, so why wouldn?t you play a bit hide and seek? Oh yeah! A little detail before you start a game: give a meeting point that everyone can easily see and go to. In this case, if one gets lost, he?ll know what to do in order to find the rest of the family back rapidly. This important detail will set a lot of ?far going children? at ease. The outing in an orchard isn?t just a great opportunity to have some exercise, but is also the occasion to make a beautiful walk, and for the little monkeys, to climb in the trees. It is also ideal for pick-nicks. Some orchards even have small animal farms and offers walks in wagons pulled by horses. The youngest children really appreciate it and it allows the oldest to have a little rest before going home. What can you do once you?re home? Make an apple banquet: apple compote, dessert with apples, jam ?

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