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A creative Christmas

Published on 29/11/2012 Posted by Ninon Barjonnet

Christmas cards



Sending Christmas cards is the best way of making sure you receive some too. Stay away from ready-made ones and buy plain colour cards, on which your kids will draw or paste festive images. Grandparents will be over the moon!

Advent wreath



Find a wicker ring, wrap some ivy around it (it grows everywhere) and stick in twigs of holly and butcher’s broom, which you will have picked sparingly during a walk in the forest. All your wreath needs now is four Advent candles, to be lit one after the other each Advent Sunday.

Home-made Advent calendar



You will need: 24 small matchboxes, some paint, wrapping paper scraps, ribbon or string, 24 chocolates or small gifts.
Empty each matchbox and place a chocolate or gift inside. Wrap them up and number them from 1 to 24. Hang them in the Christmas tree. Bob’s your uncle! A nice change from all those Barbie and Spiderman calendars, don’t you think?

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And now, get cracking! Christmas is just around the corner…



image : Renate Kalloch

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