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The Little Explorer, created in 2007, already has around 20.000 members and a steady growing audience..
With almost 400.000 unique visitors and 1.320.000 pages seen per month in Belgium and France (source Google Analytics), and more exactly, 280.000 UV in Belgium only (Google Analytics - july 2013); our Website is the ideal support to be seen by parents of children between 0 and 12 years old. In Belgium, it is the first in the "kids" segment.

If you are an outing present on our Website (or you would like to become one)?

Your basic information can be put online free of charge. It is also possible to improve your visibility on our Website according tp 3 various simple and effective formulas: basic, standard and premium.
You can also communicate towards parents thanks to our newsletter and other innovating formulas.
Please keep in mind that our Website references locations and not events. You can still communicate on events via our one of our three formulas enhancing your visibility.

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You are a company looking for an efficient and targeted media to advertise?

In Belgium, the "classical" advertising content au CPM ou CPC on this website is managed by Hi-Media Belgique.
If you wish to advertise this way on our Website, please contact Hi-Media (
You can also benefit from other products (newsletters, written content, competitions, ...), to this end, please contact us :

In France, the classical advertising contents, highlights or ads in our newsletters happen directly with us.
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Everywhere in Europe, the Google Adwords network is available for targeting on all our pages.
Please consult Google Adwords documents.


You wish to develop a partnership with us?

Our policy is simple: we do not exchange URL links, but we do develop win-win synergies. If you wish to present us your partnership offer, please contact: