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La Luge - Sledding days

Sledding days

Sledding is so much fun that you easily forget it?s also serious exercise. Try this simple, bracing and exhilarating winter activity.

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The game of the piñata is a strong moment in a children's party, but how to make this piñata?!

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A creative Christmas

Decorating the house for Christmas: anyone can do that. But making your own ornaments, with help from the children, is a lot more fun and original. Here are three simple suggestions.

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The papyrus

Papyrus is a plant that lead to multiple subjects that can interest children.

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Pomme et verger

One, two, three,? a lot of apples.

Pies, cakes, juice, puree ? Mmmmh! Whatever it is, food with apples is delicious.

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Sport enfant

Run before it's too late

To practice a sport is essential to grow up and to stay healthy when you're an adult.

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